Screen & Enclosure Repair, Orlando, FL

We specialize in screen & enclosure repair for Orlando & Oviedo, FL homes.

screen repairIf you have an enclosed pool or a porch on your Orlando, Florida home, one of the best decisions you can make is to keep the enclosure well maintained. Keeping your enclosure well maintained maximized the many benefits, including:

  • Create a barrier from mosquitos and other pests
  • Create shade and reduce harmful UV rays from the hot Florida sun
  • Extend the life of patio furniture and pool equipment
  • Increase security and provide privacy
  • Save you thousands of dollars in costly maintenance
  • Protection from the elements
  • Increase the value of your house and create more usable space outdoors
  • Create the perfect space for entertaining family and friends

However, if you currently have a screen or enclosure that is in need of repair, all of these benefits may disappear, depending on how severe the damage is. Ignoring the damage will only incur further costs and headaches down the line. Contacting a professional for screen & enclosure repair before they need to be replaced completely will allow you to enjoy a great outdoor space while keeping the costs of maintenance low.

At Everything Screen Repair, Inc. we have been servicing the Orlando, Florida area since 2000. We specialize in re-screening pool enclosures and porches. We can fix everything from full enclosures to a single panel — whatever you need to get your enclosure looking and working great again!

If your pool enclosure or screens are in need of some TLC, call us today for an assessment. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will strive to ensure you are happy with our screen & enclosure repair services from start to finish. Call us today and let us fix your enclosure, so you can start enjoying the outdoors again!


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